How to keep work-life balance?

Nowadays one of the crucial problems that people face is the lack of time. Many of us choose to work hard to earn money and gain better living conditions and high social status. By choosing this way we dedicate significant amount of time to our job or even worse: several jobs at the same time. And what happens as a result is the short amount of time left for living “outside” the job. You can say you “live” only at weekends as the weekdays are like alarm-coffee-traffic-workplace and coffee-workplace-traffic-bed. If you think you are free at weekends, let me make you sad and say that you are not. The fact is that here you have to make not-so-easy choices: choose whether to stay in bed all day and fix the lack of sleep gained during the whole week or to do housework or to enjoy your hobbies, to visit parents or finally meet a friend who you promised to meet already 3 months back or go for a walk. As a conclusion, it’s always hard to keep work-life balance when you have chosen the life of not only a dreamer but a dreamer + a hardworker. Let’s speak about some things we can change in our lives towards better work-life balance.

Set your goals

Messed up mind is not good, clarify your dreams, set your goals and start working. By not making decisions and not setting priorities in our life we lose the track and don’t know from where to start and where to finish. So be planned and organized, keep prioritizing and always keep the question “What is that one thing that I can’t live without?” on your mind. We should determine and specify our goals as much as we can.

Enjoy your work

Once your goals are set you should enjoy every minute of your life which leads you to your goals. Workplace is a place where we spend significant amount of time which means if we hate our job, we will be stressed out and sad the most part of the day. That’s not something we would like to happen, right? So if your work is not your dream job, think about all the positive things your job brings into your life. And why not, if you do not enjoy your work, consider changes, be flexible and always stay in search of something better and awesome for you. You are awesome and your job should be awesome as well.

Be patient

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Achieving anything great takes time especially when it comes to career which is not something you can build in a day. You should be ambitious and patient at the same time. Focus on your present, your current job and current tasks and always do your best. The positive results will follow.

Create your own rules and boundaries

Set your own boundaries and separate your personal life from working life. If you don’t do it yourself, others will dictate you. Turn off your computer when you do not want to work, decide specific times for checking your email, turn off any work related notifications not to trouble you while you are having rest with family and friends. Try to make special events with family and your dear people. Remember, your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.

Work smarter not harder

Honestly it’s not the hours that matter, it’s the quality of the work done that matters. You can work long hours but be less productive. Meanwhile you can have significant results by working less hours but working in a smart way. Working in a smart way includes being patient and organized, taking breaks whenever you need, having less distractions and high motivation.

Leave work at work

When you finish you working day, write down whatever is on your mind, new ideas, new tasks, make your to do list for the next working day and shut down your PC leaving your notes as well. Release your mind from all those tasks as soon as you walk out the door. Think that your working day is over already and try to think about other things in your life.

Forget about perfection

“What you have done may not be perfect but it is good enough.” Don’t put extra pressure on yourself. If you think about perfection all the time you will end up forgetting everything else and just working and working from workplace, from home, from restaurants, etc. Sorry to say but still you will not find perfection, instead you will just lose your personal life and gain exhausted brain and body.

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Who would not be thrilled by the idea of doing his favorite job at his favorite place within his favorite hours?

No doubt each of us feels tired at some point of our life because of the tough working schedule, tensed atmosphere at workplace, competition-driven interpersonal relations, etc. Coworking spaces serve as an alternative for us to get more satisfaction from our work. How does coworking help us to achieve this?

Here are some benefits coworking has:

You are your own guide!

You have a chance to settle everything the way it fits the best for you. You choose the coworking space you prefer and stuck to your favorite job as many hours and as many days as you wish. You are the one to manage and monitor yourself, to prioritize and coordinate your work. No superior-inferior relations. It’s just you and your work. You are the one to build and lead your professional career.

You get a space to meet like-minded people!

Coworking space is the place where you would meet enthusiastic, self-driven people like you and you have a chance to expand your network, socialize and make friends with people representing different professional spheres.

Are you an introvert? Not a big deal for you anymore!

Coworking spaces do not force you to socialize with your colleagues. You are free to choose whether to communicate with people or just sit down with headphones and enjoy your work with nobody bothering you. You still feel a part of the team without the need to share talks often. Worn out from tough working schedules? Choose working hours yourself! You can do the time management for your job yourself. You already know the part of the day you can concentrate the most, the amount of hours you can work effectively and thus you can form your own schedule not ignoring your personal characteristics.

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Five Successful Start-ups which were Born in Coworking Spaces

No doubt coworking spaces are great choice for start-ups. They offer membership plans which are very convenient compared to rented office spaces. Coworking spaces are very flexible; they can give you great networking opportunities and space to speak out about your start-up. Another advantage is the opportunity to work next to high-performing professionals. Plus, coworking spaces also encourage and often help start-ups a lot along their way to growth and success.
It’s not at all surprising that many well-known successful start-ups have grown up in coworking spaces.
Wanderfly is a great example of how startups benefit from coworking spaces. Its founders knew from the beginning that they should launch the company in a coworking space to make their team stay highly motivated and thus have the best chance to succeed.
Here are 5 successful start-ups and their success journeys from coworking spaces in the US and Europe.

  1. Instagram Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. They have started their Instagram “journey” in Dogpatch Labs, a coworking space in San Francisco, California. Instagram is a free, online photo-sharing application and social network platform. It was purchased by Facebook in 2012. Instagram gained huge success really fast. On the very first day it was launched, Instagram gained more than 25,000 users. It overtook the world after the famous celebrities started using it and sharing their photos. Instagram had 40 million active users just two years after the launch.

  2. Uber Uber was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. They have started their Uber “journey” in the coworking space The Yard in New York. Uber is a technology platform which connects driver-partners and riders thus making an ordering taxi process really easy. The founder-friends Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp came up with the “Uper” idea while they were in Paris having trouble to find a taxi. After they came back to New York they started actively working on that idea and succeeded in making it a reality, a reality which became the most recognized innovation in car-for-hire service. Uber operates in 377 major cities around the world.

  3. Charity: Water The founder and current CEO of Charity: Water is Scott Harrison. He has started Charity: Water “journey” in WeWork coworking space in New York. Charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Charity: Water has gained 360,000 likes on Facebook and celebrity endorsements and corporate sponsors, thus raising more than $100 million dollars. In just ten years Charity Water has funded more than 22,000 water projects in 24 developing countries. When complete, these projects will provide clean, safe drinking water for more than 7 million people.

  4. Wanderfly Wanderfly was founded by Cezary Pietrzak, Christy Liu, Evan Schneyer and Jorge Trujillo. They have started their Wanderfly “journey” in a coworking space called Projective Space in New York. Wanderfly is a web platform for discovering and sharing personalized travel recommendations. They state that they are here to make travel planning more personal, simple, fun, human and inspiring as everyone travels differently, so we all need different recommendations. Wanderfly was founded in 2009, raised $1M in 2011, and got acquired by TripAdvisor.

  5. Orderbird Orderbird was founded by Jakob Schreyer, Bastian Schmidtke, Artur Hasselbach and Patrick Brienen. They have started their Orderbird “journey” in Berlin’s Betahaus, a prominent European coworking space. Orderbird is the provider of the award-winning iPad POS system for restaurants. It is considered to be one of the best applications in restaurant business. Orderbied has more than 43,000 downloads in Apple’s App Store and more than 8,000 customers - restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, ice cream shops and beer gardens.

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Productivity tips: Stop and Start List

Ever wondered how to be more productive? Let us discover together the efficient ways of becoming more productive in your working life.

Stop waiting for perfection!

Perfection does not exist which means if you keep waiting to reach it, you will stay forever waiting. Never postpone doing something waiting for a perfect moment to start doing it. That perfect moment will never come and what you simply do is just postponing. The perfect moment of doing something is right now. So instead of waiting for a perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.

Stop believing that you can manage to do everything!

Do not treat yourself as someone having superpower. It is quite normal that there are some things in life that you are not good at or you cannot figure out much. So leave those things to the people who can do them better and instead focus on the things where you feel at home.

Stop multitasking!

Although some people really enjoy multitasking but I wouldn’t advise you to practice it. You better concentrate on one thing at a time as in that case your attention, productivity and energy will be fully directed to that one task and you do not have to divide them among different tasks. After completing each task you can have a rest and pass on to the next one.

Stop getting distracted while working!

As I mentioned above, do not divide your attention among different things and focus on one thing at a time. For reaching this you better try to keep your phone on airplane mode and not to reply to personal messages while working as they can take huge energy from you and waste your precious time of working.

Stop saying yes to everything and everyone!

Learn to deny opportunities/requests. Keep in mind that our time is always limited and it is physically impossible to handle every request.

Start planning your to-dos!

Try to always keep a to-do list not to heavy your mind. Do not overestimate the number of things you can manage to do in one day. Be realistic. Divide the huge tasks into small pieces and write them down one by one. Try to put on the first places of your list the things that you have to do but are not so willing to do. It will help you to complete those not-favorite tasks quickly so as to pass on your favorite ones.

Start putting limits for checking your email!

Do not refresh your mailbox every 5 minutes. If your work is not directly connected with checking and replying emails, I’d recommend you to set up specific times within a day for checking your email.

Start being concrete about time!

Start valuing time. For example in case of dealing with meetings, schedule them with the exact time they will take, not like an hour when it will last only 35 minutes.

Start taking short breaks!

Breaks are really essential for keeping you alert, productive and motivated. Do not sit down and suffer yourself when you feel exhausted, instead get up and take a break even just for 5 minutes only. Like our device, we also need to get restarted and refreshed.

Start drinking enough water!

Being dehydrated takes your energy. Enough water is essential for our body to function properly. Ignoring doing so will lead you towards headache, fatigue and lack of energy.

Start working out!

Workouts are one of the greatest productivity tools. They help you to take care of your physical shape and condition which will fill you with more energy and make you confident. Regular work-outs are important not only for your physical health, but also for your mental well-being, as they reduce stress and enhance your mood.

Start getting totally isolated from time to time!

No devices, no friends or colleagues, no distractions, just thinking, dreaming, brainstorming, planning and creating.

Start always keeping your “no work” time!

Keeping “no work” time is as essential as keeping “working time”. This is the time to take care of you, to have a rest, to visit family, to have fun with friends etc. This is not only good for your health and mood but will also raise your productivity levels.

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Let's Read Nune's Blog Posts

The advantages of flexible working hours

Flexible working schedule is something many employers should consider. Still wonder why? You can see some of its advantages below.

More happiness You are more stress free and happy when you have more control over your work-life balance and run your own time management. No doubt that, happier employees will work more efficiently.

No more stress of being late You get stressed out almost every day with the fear to be late from work. The biggest problem, I guess, is the traffic. Having flexible working schedule allows us to escape those rush hours.

More time for family and friends Flexibility in work allows you to have more time control for your personal life and you can dedicate some period of time to your family members and friends.

A chance to work when you feel fresh Flexibility means much more control on your working hours and a chance to work when you feel fresh and inspired. This means a great possibility to work when you enjoy working, without forcing yourself to wake up early and run to the office with half-closed eyes when you are a night person who enjoys working in the evenings. No need to struggle and force yourself to work when you are not ready for it. The work done will not be useful unless you are not in a “good shape” for working.

Taking breaks whenever you need Breaks are really necessary for you to refresh and continue working in a productive way. Flexibility allows you to have a rest whenever you get tired and return to your work with more power and more energy.

Improved concentration More breaks and more time spent with dear people feels people with all the positive vibes to be able to improve concentration and motivation for work.

Increased productivity Of course happy employees with more energy and motivation will have pretty increased productivity. :)

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